Close on the New Home, and Make Sure Your Garage door Can Close Too

As a first-time home-buyer, there can be many unforeseen surprises that one does not expect to confront shortly after every document has been signed and the hard-earned money has been paid. The joy of having a physical piece of land and a constructed house to call one’s own can quickly dissipates when there are things that need to either be fixed or replaced. Of all the things in a house that need upkeep, a faulty front door and a broken garage door are things that would need immediate tending to. Clearly, after the initial upfront expense, the actual costs of such maintenance would have to be low enough to justify the time and energy that will be put in. Fortunately, once such repair is done, it can even increase the immediate market value of a home.

A garage door needs to work, plain and simple. After considerable research and asking around neighbors, I came across a Potomac garage door repair service that could be of use to my needs. Despite much wear and tear, I discovered that the garage door would get stuck upon an attempt to open, literally high enough to slip my shoe underneath.

Upon closer inspection, it was clear that it wouldn’t be something that could be easily fixed with my limited layman’s understanding of how a garage door works. The springs were rusted, the ridges on the sides were littered with leaves, dust and what appeared like mold, all of which were preventing the garage from sliding up smoothly as it should. Even after successfully opening it up (after considerable force and the use of some tools), it would stay up and would slowly descend. With affordable rates and knowledgeable repairman, the garage repair service installed a new garage door that works! Furthermore, all the parts and the actual door came with guarantees to remain in good working order, all of which alleviated the concerns that we, as new homeowners, had had enough of.

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